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TimeShare400 - Time Share an AS/400 over the Web

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TimeShare400 provides affordable time sharing over the internet on a current model AS/400 (aka eServer iSeries; iSeries; System i; and, just plain "IBM i" for development, educational institutions, additional short term capacity increases and outsourcing.   Our AS/400's are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from any PC connected to the internet.

The primary machine is running v7r1.  We have other machines available at v5r4, v5r2 and even v4r5.  Pricing for these older machines may differ.  The v4r5 machine has the ability to compile all the way back to v3r2.

We no longer have any CISC machines.  Despite the fact that they were over 20 years old and still worked just fine, they have been sent to the recycler.

Remember the old days of 'time sharing' on computers?  With the advent of the internet, time sharing makes more sense than ever.  Rather than buy and maintain your own AS/400 or iSeries machine, now you can rent time and space at TimeShare400(tm) instead!

This service will be of interest to individual developers who need affordable time share access to an up-to-date AS/400 for creating and compiling their latest projects.  It will also be of interest to companies looking to outsource their software development function.   If the production machine is bogging down between the production activity and development, move development outside!  Some companies may even want to outsource their entire AS/400 environment!  Have TimeShare400 run your AS/400 operations entirely!  Small companies that want to run AS/400 applications but don't want to buy a machine can run their applications here!

For more information on the TimeShare400 service offerings, click here.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide high quality, high availability, affordable service to companies and developers.

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David Shea, the founder of TimeShare400, has been working with the AS/400 since the product line's introduction in the late 1980's.  He has held various positions with large international consulting firms, defense manufacturers, medical device manufacturers, and others.  He ran the systems department of an international company with a network of AS/400's for 8 years and has significant experience in the areas of internet connectivity and networking.

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7 North Mill Street, Hopkinton, MA 01748
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General Information Email: info at timeshare400 dot com (sorry for spelling it out, but trying to cut down on spam coming in)


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